Our Goal at CONNECT is to help High School students cultivate a relationship with God through Jesus Christ that lasts long after graduation day.


One of the goals we have as a High School Group is for students to have a renewed & right PERSPECTIVE of God, Themselves, and The World around them. We believe that the Bible is what gives us insight in to the way we should see God, ourselves, and the lost world we live in. So we place an emphasis upon Bible teaching and study within the High School Group.

Our Sunday morning gatherings give students an opportunity to connect with their peers, worship God in song, and hear from God through the teaching of scripture. We believe scripture – reveals Gods character to us, displays His eternal plan, reveals the truth about our sin & Savior, speaks life & value over the lives of individuals, molds us into the likeness of Jesus, appeals to us to love one another, and places compassion in our hearts for the world around us.


One of the goals we have as a High School Group is to Connect students with the MISSION of God for the world they live in. We believe that scripture teaches us that those who believe in Jesus are not just citizens of heaven, but also ambassadors of heaven. Our goal is to combine teaching that affirms an individuals role in advancing the Kingdom of God, and opportunity to do that in practical ways (i.e. campus ministries, serving our homeless community in San Diego, serving within middle school and children’s ministry, relational evangelism training, missions opportunities).

One of the ways we teach students to live ON MISSION, is by taking them on a missions trip. Each year the High School Group provides one domestic and two international missions trip options for students to consider participating in. Our hope is that each student would participate in a trip by the time they graduate.

We have three reasons behind our youth missions program… We believe that Jesus was the first missionary and left us an example to follow (John 3:16-17). We believe that scripture teaches us to go on the mission field (Matthew 28:19, Romans 10:13-15). And we believe that going on a missions trip teaches us how to live on mission; we return unable to keep the same schedule, but fighting to keep the same mindset – that we are on mission for Jesus Christ.



Our desire is that students were LEARN of what God is doing on a global scale. That we would take time to PRAY for those who are faithfully serving God both on the foreign and domestic mission field. That students would be motivated to GIVE of their time, talents, and even finances in support of what God is doing. And we desire to give students opportunity to GO and see firsthand what God is doing all over the world! Visit for more info.


One of the goals we have as a High School Group is to Connect students with a COMMUNITY of their peers to experience life & God together with. We believe that God has created us as people to be relational; in other words, for us to experience life the way God intends us to, we need to be connected to a community of like-minded people. Our hope is that any student that walks through our doors would have opportunity to build relationships that would be a source of joy & encouragement in their journey with Jesus. Our Tuesday Night Gathering is formatted specifically to connect students with some of their peers. We spend time hanging out, playing games, having group discussions, worshipping together, praying for one another, and connect through small group ministry.

We have students that represent more than a dozen different schools, however we come together with the commonality being Jesus active work in each of our lives. Our group will never be a perfect place, but we do believe it to be a wonderful place for a student to meet with God and to connect with other students that are also passionate about their pursuit of God.

In addition to our Sunday Morning & Tuesday Night gatherings, our group has many other scheduled events throughout the year; service projects, serving the homeless, broom-ball, movie nights, holiday parties, beach days, sporting events, theme parks, etc. Our biggest event and often the best way to connect with students within our group, is via our Annual High School Summer Camp (see video promo below). Each year in the month of July we take students away for a week together in Big Bear where we spend time with God and each other. It is always a fantastic week, and again, a great way to get connected to students and leaders within our group!

Your best way to keep up to date with & connected to the High School Ministry is to connect with us via our Social Networking pages.


One of the goals we have as a High School Group is to Connect students with a DISCIPLESHIP relationship to Encourage and Support them. We have a team of adult leaders that consists of some of Maranatha Chapels staff as well as volunteers from within the church family at Maranatha Chapel. The goal for our leaders is to provide wisdom, encouragement, and support for students as they walk with Jesus through their High School experience. In addition to the Leaders that are at the High School Group gatherings, we also provide students with the opportunity to be mentored within the churches worship & music ministry, as well as children’s ministry. We also have a team of women from within the church family that mentor High School girls in small groups that meet in host homes.

We strongly believe that the more Christ-centered positive relationships & connections we can help to build into the lives of students, the greater the work that God does in them while they are a part of the High School Group. We believe that those relationships both set a course, and provide guardrails that help students to navigate their time in college and beyond.

If you are a student that is looking for adult mentorship & encouragement, please send an email to Drew.